Posted by: will | August 14, 2006

The Station Myth…

The Station Myth “The Station Myth” (Self-Released)

Buy it at Insound!

The Station Myth are a band I discovered in the blogosphere recently. It’s comforting that bands like this continue to exist below the surface of the mainstream. This self-titled affair is the band’s debut and it’s a strong first effort to say the least. The band seems to pull from many different influences…post-punk, prog, indie pop/rock and they have some electronic elements as well. I guess that hodgepodge is understandable considering the band resides in NYC. While The Station Myth won’t blow you away with an alarming oringinality, the band will certainly impress you with their maturity. The construction of the band’s songs is done exceptionally well. Frankly, this does not sound like a debut record. The album sounds like a record made by a veteran band. Songs show a wealthy range in dynamics all across the record. The band seems to refuse to make straightforward music. These songs, while being hooky and almost dancy at times, are remarkably intricate as well. There’s an awful lot going on. The Station Myth are a difficult band to place nicely into a genre. While that might be frustrating for myself trying to review their record…it is certainly not a bad thing for you the listener. The Station Myth have created a debut record that bodes well for the band’s future. Kudos.

RIYL: Interpol, Clinic, Calla

Listen: Full Album Download


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