Posted by: will | August 11, 2006

Kaki King…


Kaki King “…Until We Felt Red” (Velour)

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Kaki King is a unique artist with a tremendous talent for creating extraordinary sounds with her guitar. …Until We Felt Red is King’s new album and it is a noticeable departure from her first two albums. This is the first record that King has chosen to use her voice as an instrument along with her guitar. Her first two records were strictly instrumental in nature. …Until We Felt Red expands on her earlier work to create a fascinating album of beauty and skill.

King jumps right into it by showcasing her vocals on “Yellowcake”, the delicate album opener. Her soft voice seems to almost hide behind the music. The title track “…Until We Felt Red” and “These Are The Armies of The Tyrannized” are favorites of mine. They are both completely instrumental and sound more like post-rock songs in the vein of a band like Mogwai. King’s whispering vocals return on the 8-minute “You Don’t Have To Be Afraid”, which is a perfect example of how King uses her voice and lyrics. She never chooses to overpower her music with any heavy lyricism. Her voice is just another instrument in her arsenal now. This track along with several others have the handprints of producer John McEntire of Tortoise and The Sea And Cake all over it. It’s seen in the horns on “You Don’t Have To Be Afraid” and jazzy interludes of “Goby”, the album’s fourth track. “Jessica” is a beautiful track that probably showcases King’s vocals the most. However, it’s the swirling guitars in the background that make the track. “I Never Said I Loved You” has a loungy jazzy feel to it but picks up rather quickly towards the end. The song is also highlighted by some extraordinary guitar work by King. …Until We Felt Red hasn’t totally abandoned King’s earlier work. Songs like “First Brain”, “Soft Shoulder” and “Ahuvati” recall some of King’s more notorious guitar instrumentals. There’s a lovely ambience that highlights the tracks on …Until We Felt Red. That’s never more apparent than on “Gay Sons Of Lesbian Mothers”, the outstanding album closer. The song has an almost Tortoise quality to it in its rythmic manner. The song is a brilliant ending to a brilliant record.

…Until We Felt Red is a truly captivating listen. Everything seems so simple yet I have no doubt the talent involved in this record would make your head spin. The addition of vocals to King’s music has added another dynamic dimension to an artist who was already making outstanding music to begin with. Kaki King is a wonderful talent pure and simple. I for one hope she will be making music for years and years to come. I’ll certainly be here listening.

RIYL: Leo Kottke, Ani DiFranco, Tortoise

Listen: Kaki King – Gay Sons Of Lesbian Mothers (mp3)



  1. aah i’m so glad i found this blog if only to find out that kaki king has a new album! i picked up her last one about a year ago and fell in love with her guitar stylings. i’m excited to hear she uses her voice more as the track “insect life” just about kills me everytime i hear it. just wanted to say – this is a fantastic site – i feel like a kid in a candy store. new music everywhere i turn and bands i’ve never even heard of. thank you for doing what you do!

  2. […] Tue 3 Jul 2007 Kaki King “Gay Sons Of Lesbian Mothers” Video… Posted by soundaslanguage under Music Video , Video , Music  My favorite track off of Kaki King’s …Until We Felt Red album. Check out my review of the album here. […]

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