Posted by: will | August 10, 2006

The Bouncing Souls…

The Bouncing Souls “The Gold Record” (Epitaph)

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Is it possible for a silly pop-punk band to mature and grow old gracefully? It may be but the exceptions are surely few and far between. The Bouncing Souls are one of those obvious exceptions to the rule. The band has weathered the years to become something infinitely more than what they started as. The Gold Record is the band’s crowning achievement. An album chock full of mature, anthemic pop-punk that is about much more than girls and silly inside jokes.

It seems the band set out to write an album full of anthems and damnit, it seems they did just that. The Gold Record starts off with the scorching “The Gold Song” which is one of the greatest songs this band has ever written. The chorus of I heard someone say/that nothing gold can stay/But there’s a love in all our souls/and it shines like gold/It shines like gold will have you singing along in no time! “So Jersey” continues the sing-alongs. The lines And we wanna say thanks to the music in our lives/Forgive ourselves for all those lies/Send some love to all the lonely/Don’t forget we’re all one family/Thanks to the music in our lives for helping us to survive/Lost in one lonely dream, born to run and live free are truly moving. “The Pizza Song” is an endearing track that pays tribute to a pizza joint the guys seem to have spent many of their days. “Better Things” is a hopeful song that sings to better days being ahead. “Lean On Sheena” is a great pop song with a ridiculously catchy chorus. If the world was a fair place, this song would be burning up the charts. “Letter From Iraq” is based on a letter actually written by a US soldier to the band. The soldier befriended the band a few years back at a Souls show and the two parties have kept in contact. It’s a interesting look into the life of an actual solider in combat.

The Gold Record is an inspiring album coming from a band that has been together for almost twenty years now. It’s remarkable that the spirit the band was founded on still carries on even moreso today. It’s hopeful and optimistic. In a time of constant negativity and pessimism, a band like The Bouncing Souls is a beacon for all of us to follow. In the album closer “For All The Unheard” the band asks Where’s the passion gone in our hearts? Before you can even answer the band sings…It’s time to bring it back! Yes, it sure as hell is!

RIYL: Descendents, 7 Seconds, Social Distortion


The Bouncing Souls – The Gold Song (mp3)

The Bouncing Souls – The Pizza Song (mp3)


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