Posted by: will | August 8, 2006


Ignite “Our Darkest Days” (Abacus)

Buy it at Insound!

Ignite have been around for more than ten years now and play an anthemic brand of melodic hardcore. The vocals of Zoli Teglas are what sets Ignite apart from the legions of other bands. He has a set of pipes that not many lead vocalists in this genre can even compare with. Our Darkest Days is the band’s first album since 2000 and it is arguably the band’s finest hour. The band’s sound pays equal tribute to punk, hardcore and alternative music. Frankly, Teglas could be singing for any type of band he wanted. His vocals are that good. What is nice about Ignite is the fact that the band is obviously writing and playing music for themselves. They are certainly not trying to get rich by doing what they do. There is a sincerity and honest value to the band’s music. Ignite’s lyrics show a keen social and political awareness that is refreshing to see, especially when so many bands seem content singing about trivial minutia. The band’s cover of U2’s “Sunday Bloody Sunday” is fantastic and the acoustic album closer “Live for Better Days” shows the band’s outstanding range. While Our Darket Days won’t necessarily set the world on fire, it’s a worthy addition for fans of the genre.

RIYL: Bad Religion, Sick Of It All, Rise Against

Listen: Ignite – Fear Is Our Tradition (mp3)


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