Posted by: will | August 7, 2006

None More Black…

None More Black “This Is Satire” (Fat Wreck Chords)

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None More Black rose from the ashes of the legendary Kid Dynamite. Only a few years after leaving Kid Dynamite, vocalist Jason Shevchuk began None More Black. None More Black’s first album, File Under Black, was a strong but less than spetacular affair. While Shevchuk’s unique vocals have remained virtually the same as they were in Kid Dynamite, it’s quite glaring where the band differs from Kid Dynamite. Where Kid Dynamite would pound you quickly with sharp and dynamic bursts of poppy hardcore, None More Black take the more structured mid-tempo route.

This Is Satire is the next logical step for the band. The songwriting seems a little more complete and concise. The band seems more willing to explore different avenues. “We Dance On The Ruins Of The Stupid Stage” starts the album off nicely. It’s a song about the rigors of playing shows and being out on the road. The line For rock’s sake/I’m worn out speaks volumes in its simplicity. “Under My Feet” may be the catchiest song the band has written yet. Complete with handclaps and a repeating refrain of Come On! the song is absolutely infectious. “Zing Pong” has an almost rockabilly tinge to it. “Opinions & Assholes” is a catchy tune til you read the scathing lyric sheet. “I See London” is perhaps the most interesting song None More Black have ever written. The song has a slow burn that is certainly not reminiscent of anything the band has done before. It’s a great reflective song that I wish the band would choose to explore more often. Album closer “Majestic” is another nice change of pace for the band. The song has a nice country feel to it as the chorus rings true with the lines of So I’ve made up my mind/I shouldn’t be loved.

The album loses a little steam towards the end and probably would have benefited from a few songs being cut. However, This Is Satire is another strong effort from None More Black. I’m afraid there is reason for concern here though. The band quite frankly needs to up the ante on their next release. If they release just another “nice” effort the band may find themselves falling through the cracks. That would be a shame, especially for such an obvious talent like Shevchuck.

RIYL: Kid Dynamite, The Loved Ones, Against Me!


None More Black – Under My Feet (mp3)

None More Black – You Suck! But Your Peanut Butter Is OK (mp3)


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