Posted by: will | August 4, 2006

Set Your Goals…


Set Your Goals “Mutiny!” (Eulogy)

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I must admit that I have listened to this album in a dizzy haze of late. Mutiny! is Set Your Goals eagerly awaited debut album and it delivers in spades. The band combines a remarkable mixture of genres into one absolutely infectious sound. The band’s name certainly makes sense as they touch on the older posi-hardcore sounds of Civ (Civ’s first album was entitled Set Your Goals) and Gorilla Biscuits. Set Your Goals then combines it with the pop punk of Blink-182 or A New Found Glory with a slight sprinkling of emo on the top. It’s a mixture that should make one gag but it is incredibly well done and actually goes down quite smooth.

Fist pumps are truly at a maximum on Mutiny! as the sing alongs keep coming in waves. Lyrically, Set Your Goals may come off as a bit trite to some, but it really makes the listening experience even more fun! The opening track on Mutiny!, “Work In Progress”, starts out with some sensitive emo singing over acoustic guitar before the hardcore bursts in. The lyrics of My life is a constant work in progress and I wouldn’t have it any other way! start the album off in a positive, optimistic way. “Dead Men Tell No Tales” is a song that has the band at the height of confidence in their ability. The album’s next track shows why. The title track “Mutiny!” is the band’s crowning achievement. The band’s uplifting message throughout the album truly reaches its climax here. Surely the song is a call to arms against the music industry. The band seems incredibly disenchanted with how much music has become a business and it shows as the lyrics for the song brim with sarcasm. They read sign our band and we’ll write you a chorus/we will use your gimmicks if you think they will sell us/cause we won’t survive without your acceptance/can we be friends? The ending chorus of heroes have betrayed/we sing for better days/don’t sign our lives away to impure industries shows the band’s true feelings though. The tackling of a subject like the corruption of organized religion in “An Old Book Misread” acknowledges that Set Your Goals can face some important issues head on. The album’s closing song, “Echoes”, is probably the most mature track as it seems to focus on the subject of dealing with death. It is a great culmination of the band’s sound.

It will be interesting to see how this band handles their success. And these guys will be successful. They pull from so many different genres that they have the uncanny ability to attract many different types of listeners. I think it’s only a matter of time before the major labels that Set Your Goals so obviously has contempt for come knocking down their doors. Right now, I’ll just continue to enjoy the supreme innocence that emanates from the band’s sound. Mutiny! is a classic record that I think people will still be talking about years from now. The boys in Set Your Goals will probably be quite well off by then.

RIYL: Blink-182, Lifetime, Saves The Day

Listen: Set Your Goals – Mutiny! (mp3)


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