Posted by: will | August 4, 2006

Melodic Instrumental Post-Rock?

Whatever you want to call it…I have been listening to a lot of mainly instrumental music lately. Not sure why I’ve been locked into this type of sound but it’s definitely been consuming most of my listening time. Here are my top five in this broad genre of late. I have reviews upcoming for 1-4.

1) Ratatat – I cannot believe I slept on this duo for so long. These guys have the insane ability to switch styles so effortlessly. They even have the remarkable ability to get me dancing. The duo’s new album Classics comes out August 22nd.

Ratatat – Lex (mp3)

2) Kaki King – Truly incredible guitar virtuoso that I have been gushing over a lot lately. New album, Until I Felt Red, is her most complete effort that sees King performing vocals for the first time. The album comes out August 8th and was produced by John McEntire of Tortoise and The Sea And Cake.

Kaki King – Gay Sons Of Lesbian Mothers (mp3)

3) The Hylozoists – Canadian 10 piece instrumental group featuring some well-known indie musicians. The group’s debut, La Fin Du Monde, came out in July and it is ridiculously good! Definitely for fans of Stereolab.

The Hylozoists – Straight Is The Gate (mp3)

4) Magyar Posse – Amazing Finnish post-rock group. Random Avenger is the band’s massive new album.

Magyar Posse – Sudden Death (mp3)

5) El Ten Eleven – I profiled these guys awhile back here. Another duo making mind-blowing instrumental music.

El Ten Eleven – Lorge (mp3)


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