Posted by: will | July 31, 2006

I Muse For Only Thee…

Jimmy Eat World is about to head into the studio for their next album. God, I still love this band! Whoah…check out that emo sweater!

– Why is it that I can only seem to write reviews after the consumption of alcohol has taken place? I swear I just stare at the screen if I’m 100% sober. Guess I need to go stock up the fridge.

– I’ve got a bunch of new blog links. There are some great music oriented blogs that have been added. Go check them out on the left side!

Daytrotter continues on their fast course to world domination. The site has added exclusive studio mp3 sessions with The Donkeys, Two Gallants, French Kicks and Oakley Hall in the last four weeks.

Sparta‘s new album, Threes, will see release in October. This will be the band’s first record under a new record label and with their new band member, Keely Davis (formerly of the great Engine Down). This record should be interesting. You can check out the new song, “Taking Back Control”, on their myspace page here.

…And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead will release a new album in the fall. According to front-man Conrad Keely the album showcases a more “I don’t give a fuck” attitude than the band’s last album, Worlds Apart. Hell yes!

Out Hud has broken up. The band played an awesome mixture of sounds and shared members with !!! (chik chik chik) but were by far the better band in my opinion. Farewell…

Explosions In The Sky have finished writing for the new record and will record soon for an early 2007 release. Writing? WTF? Get your asses in the studio boys!

– I am completely surprised by the new Head Automatica album, Popaganda. The first album was disco-dance rock that wore out its welcome after only a few listens. This one sounds like Elvis Costello and it’s quite good. Review on the way.

Modest Mouse are currently recording their new album in Mississippi.

That’s it for now…



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