Posted by: will | July 26, 2006

Russian Circles…

Russian Circles “Enter” (Flameshovel)

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Russian Circles are a new band playing in the increasingly popular genre of instrumental post-rock. That’s a tough situation for a new band to step into. However, Russian Circles are not your typical young band. They are made up of scene veterans who have been around the block once or twice with bands like Dakota/Dakota and Riddle Of Steel. Perhaps that is why Enter sounds so mature. In this genre especially it seems to take an album or two for a band to sound comfortable. Russian Circles have quite simply bypassed that with their debut album. Every note on Enter sounds perfectly placed and the band has put themselves into elite company in one fell swoop.

Nine minute album opener, “Carpe” has a slow buildup before delving into more heavier waters. The band has the remarkable ability to go from all out heaviness to a more intricate instrumental sound in a split second. The second track, “Micah”, is truly the highlight of the album. The song builds and retreats in remarkable fashion before it succombs to a soft closure of guitar feedback. “Death Rides A Horse” precisely portrays its title with some truly jaw dropping and ominous guitar work. Just when you thought that Russian Circles was all about the riffage the band comes back at you with the a track like “You Already Did” which brings to mind Explosions In The Sky and Mono. The track deals in more atmospheric tones than any of the other songs on Enter.

Russian Circles will certainly get compared to genre giants like Pelican but the fact is that the band has already outshined many of their peers on album number one. The question is if the band can keep things fresh. It is something that is remarkably difficult for a band in this genre to do. If Enter is any indication, this band certainly has that potential.

RIYL: Pelican, Mono, Isis

Listen: Russian Circles – Death Rides A Horse (mp3)


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