Posted by: will | July 25, 2006

We Versus The Shark…

Band You Should Know

We Versus The Shark hail from Athens, GA and play a wildly infectious style of math rock and dancy pop music. This band is all over the map sylistically but somehow manages to pull it off rather brilliantly. Influences range from Fugazi and The Pixies to Gang Of Four and XTC. The band released their debut Ruin Everything! in early 2005 and it’s a stunner. These guys are comparable to more modern bands like 31 Knots, Q And Not U, Les Savy Fav and The Dismemberment Plan. If the band can harness their youthful energy and talent like those bands did, I feel a masterpiece may be in store for us. We Versus The Shark definitely have the talent for it.

Listen: We Versus The Shark – You Don’t Have To Kick It (mp3)



  1. this band doesnt sound like jawbreaker at all.

    Lifetime is closer but jawbreaker was significantly better

  2. uh…huh?

  3. […] in this musical climate. I suggest checking out We Versus The Shark (who have already been featured here before). The band is in the process of covering one song per month in 2008. April’s cover is […]

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