Posted by: will | July 21, 2006

The Lovely Feathers…

The Lovely Feathers “Hind Hind Legs” (Equator)

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What the hell is in the water up in Canada these days? It seems not a week goes by without the discovery of yet another excellent Canadian band. The Lovely Feathers should indeed be added to that ever-crowded group. The Lovely Feathers hail from the same town as The Unicorns and Islands. Their sound is strikingly similar as The Lovely Feathers fall somewhere in between the lyrical goofiness of The Unicorns and the more ambitious music of Islands. Needless to say if you like either of those bands then The Lovely Feathers are a must hear.

The first thing that seems to jump out at you on Hind Hind Legs is the nonsensical lyrical style of The Lovely Feathers. The lyrics are truly all over the place and lack in overall coherence. But who doesn’t like to sing along to wacky lyrics with songs about Pope John Paul and Rod Stewart? Certainly not me! What really holds the album together though is the wild and imaginative soundscapes that back the vocals. The band has no desire to go the way of the traditional verse/chorus/verse in their songs. While The Lovely Feathers certainly mark their territory with the more hyper material, the band is equally adept at slowing things down a notch as well. The Lovely Feathers are remarkably impressive no matter what tempo the band chooses though. Hind Hind Legs is an outstanding indie pop record and a hell of a debut album for The Lovely Feathers. The band’s future is wide open and bright indeed.

RIYL: Islands, The Unicorns, The Arcade Fire


The Lovely Feathers – Wrong Choice (mp3)

The Lovely Feathers – In The Valley (mp3)



  1. I had a song written about me …

    My love is like a hollow tree
    welcoming and warm, but full of bees.

    Or something like that! : (

  2. I’m glad you discovered them. I’ve been a fan for a while.

  3. I’d be first in line to see a The Lovely Feathers vs The Lovely Sparrows brawl.

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