Posted by: will | July 20, 2006

The Mountain Goats…

The Mountain Goats “Babylon Springs EP” (4AD)

Let’s not kid ourselves here. Aside from production values there is not a whole lot of difference between a lot of the Mountain Goats material. Babylon Springs, which is an Austrailian import EP, is no different really. It’s more of the same from John Darnielle and his Mountain Goats. Quite frankly, that’s all that is needed though. Darnielle is quite simply one of the best lyricists going today. The man can weave a novel in one song. His lyrics can have you laughing one minute, choked up the next and terrified soon after.

“Alibi” is your typical Mountain Goats song about some sort of infidelity. As Darnielle describes this secret encounter he comments on the warm weather saying Maybe tomorrow it rains. It’s that incredible descriptive quality that Darnielle has that makes his tales seem so ordinary and unique at the same time. “Sometimes I Still Feel The Bruise” is a wonderful cover song which was originally written by Trembling Blue Stars. Darnielle truly makes it his own and it fits perfectly as a downtrodden Mountain Goats tune. The somber “Wait For You” ends the EP rather appropriately.

Babylon Springs is yet another strong outing from Darnielle and his small pack of Mountain Goats. He continues to be one of the smartest, most prolific and consistently strong singer/songwriters in music. Get Lonely, The Mountain Goats next full length record, comes out in August. And I’m sure the beat will continue on.

RIYL: Iron & Wine, They Might Be Giants, John Vanderslice

Listen: The Mountain Goats – Alibi (mp3)


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