Posted by: will | July 18, 2006

No Trigger…

No Trigger “Canyoneer” (Nitro)

I think I will always posess a soft spot for solid melodic hardcore. The Masachusetts band, No Trigger play the genre damn well and bring to mind the golden years of the 90’s when melodic punk and labels like Fat Wreck Chords were at the height of their popularity. No Trigger continue the excellent signing spree of Nitro Records which has included a fair amount of top-notch young melodic hardcore bands. If you have ever been into bands like Good Riddance and Strike Anywhere then No Trigger will certainly be up your alley. No Trigger have a lyrical style quite similar to Good Riddance with songs that effortlessly switch back and forth from personal to political in nature.

As good as Canyoneer sounds, it still displays a young band trying to find their own voice. At times the band has trouble reaching the anthemic heights of their influences as well as breaking free from genre constrictions. However, the band shows great promise on a number of tracks. The gang vocals of I got a shovel and a future that says I’m gonna be ok from now until it ends on “Owner Operator” are absolutely infectious. “The Honshu Underground” which speaks to the band’s unusual popularity in Japan has a welcome downtempo ending of a single acoustic guitar. The all out hardcore of “You Said It” shows the band can break it down with the best of them. “More To Offer” is the strongest track on Canyoneer and and it is the lyrics that carry the song…Listen to the sound in the underground as it calls out your name/And then one voice sings/I have much more to offer/The true heroes without the microphones start storming the stage. The songs gives some obvious nods to the people that put just as much blood, sweat and tears as the bands do into any underground scene.

While Canyoneer may not always be the most impressive of albums, it shows a lot of maturity from such a young band. It also shows a band that certainly does not lack in depth or passion for what they are doing. Those virtues can take a band a long way and No Trigger surely has them. The band may be well on their way to a long fruitful career.

RIYL: Good Riddance, Strike Anywhere, Rise Against

Listen: No Trigger – The Honshu Underground (mp3)


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