Posted by: will | July 6, 2006

Musings on a Thursday…

– I’m in love with a girl named Kaki King! Here’s an example of why here.

– has a myspace profile here. Be my friend or else!

Sparklehorse is planning on releasing their first album in five years. Dreamt for Light Years in the Belly of a Mountain will be out in September and Danger Mouse and Tom Waits make guest appearances on the album. Truly underrated band!

Daytrotter continues it’s awesomeness with new studio songs posted by Maritime. I reviewed Maritime’s latest album, We, The Vehicles here. Go ahead and buy your Daytrotter Tee shirt before all the hipsters are wearing them (I don’t think they’ve actually made tee shirts yet but I’m sure they will soon).

– I’m torn about the new Cursive album, Happy Hollow. It’s not grabbing me. They have replaced the cello with horns. It’s odd…I don’t know what to think just yet. Ah…

– The new Envy record, Insomniac Doze is sick sick sick!

– Go visit my friend Ian over at Ian is an iceberg. He has a sweet blog and he hits it on the head with his description of the lovely Pipettes here. The Pipettes are a girl group from England that will be huge!

Stars have posted their full discography for streaming at their site. It includes their last album, Set Yourself On Fire, which made my Top 30 of 2005.



  1. Kaki King is so ace!

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