Posted by: will | July 6, 2006


Mountains “Sewn” (Apestaartje)

This is the second album for the instrumental group Mountains. It’s a fitting follow-up to the duo’s strong self-titled debut. Mountains combine acoustic instrumentation with field recordings and electronic flourishes. Sewn follows the same path as it’s predecessor. Sewn is certainly a late night record. The duo continue to compose wonderfully warm and comforting music that is certainly a fitting end to all life may throw at you on a given day. The music has a wonderful way of floating all around you. It has the ability to transport you to a place a little less stressful. It’s peaceful while still having the uncanny ability to be utterly engaging. Sewn is an album that is meant to be soaked up in every sense of the word. While I surely would not recommend this to anybody who is not already “enamored” with this particular genre, for people who are, Sewn is a very nice record indeed.

RIYL: Fennesz, Stars Of The Lid, Greg Davis



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