Posted by: will | July 5, 2006

Jolie Holland…

Jolie Holland “Springtime Can Kill You” (Anti)

Jolie Holland got her start in the group The Be Good Tonyas. She left the group to go solo and Springtime Can Kill You is Holland’s third album since her departure. She continues to experiment and come into her own. Holland has a voice that has the ability to just melt you at times. It’s sexy and sultry and mysterious. Her music has whispers of country, gospel, jazz and folk. Springtime Can Kill You is remarkably timeless. This is music that would not sound out of place in the early 1900’s. The album develops slowly under the immaculate vocals of Holland. The music is merely a vehicle. Holland’s voice is clearly the driver. She has a way of weaving truly descriptive and dark stories within her songs. The desperate feel of the music bares similarities to Cat Power‘s more vulnerable work. Springtime Can Kill You is certainly a mood piece. For me, it recalls those hazy moments when you’re not quite sure whether you are asleep or awake. It’s the music that dreams are made of. It’s music perfectly made for peaceful drunken nights and restless sober mornings.

RIYL: Mirah, Cat Power, Gillian Welch


Jolie Holland – Springtime Can Kill You (mp3)

Jolie Holland – Crazy Dreams (mp3)


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