Posted by: will | July 1, 2006

I’m “Stuck At Work” Musings…

Stuck at work on yet another Saturday…

Sleater-Kinney going on an indefinite hiatus (breaking up, of course) is sad news indeed.

– FUCK Victory Records…I mean, seriously! When will it end?

Radon has a new album coming out? Wow…things I did not know.

– Should I review the new Dashboard Confessional album? It could be fun…or it could be an hour subtracted from my life that I can never get back. Oh, and Vagrant is running a promotion that if you buy the new Dashboard album and send them in the receipt you can get your choice of a free album from their back catalog. Are they really this desperate to pump up Dashboard’s Soundscan numbers? This kind of marketing shit irritates me to no end.

– There’s a nice interview on Indie HQ with Mike Park of Asian Man Records. Mr. Park is an inspiring individual, especially for someone like me who dares to dream of starting their own record label. You can read it here.

– Post-rock fans unite: This Will Destroy You and Sparrows, Swarm and Sing!…reviews for both bands recent albums on Magic Bullet will be coming up. Magic Bullet is an awesome record label by the way…check their artists/bands out!


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