Posted by: will | June 30, 2006


Figurines “Skeleton” (The Control Group)

I’m quite a sucker for the Modest Mouse/Built To Spill type of thing. Doing some research on Figurines I found a hell of a lot of Modest Mouse and Built To Spill references but I was perplexed when I listened to Skeleton. I did not hear much of a Modest Mouse influence in the band. What I did hear was certainly a lot of Built To Spill influence, especially in the vocals. Skeleton is the second album from this Danish outfit. It’s a strong album that contains a number of great songs.

One thing that is missing on Skeleton is the “wow” factor. Frankly, there is nothing here that you have not heard before. That is not a knock on the band though. I’m not one who believes that all enjoyable music needs to blaze new paths. Familiarity is nice sometimes, especially in music. The opening track, “Race You” is a bit of a fake out by the band. It’s a nice ballad that does not give away the band or the album’s sound one bit. On the second track, “The Wonder”, the music kicks in nicely and the Built To Spill references ring true. The fifth track, “Ambush”, echoes the great indie rock of Pavement. On the seventh track, “I Remember”, you can finally see some of the Modest Mouse influence poking its head out. “Ghost Towns”, with it’s picking banjo, and the rustic acoustic based “Back In The Day” sound delightfully American in their delivery.

Figurines surely know their way around a hook. Skeleton is littered with numerous memorable songs. The band’s talent is not in doubt. Too often though, the band fails to transcend their obvious influences. If the band can break free from sounding so much like the bands that have inspired them, they just might have a brilliant album in them on the horizon.

RIYL: Built To Spill, Pavement, Modest Mouse


The Figurines – The Wonder (mp3)

The Figurines – Rivalry (mp3)


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