Posted by: will | June 24, 2006

Matt & Kim…

Matt & Kim “To/From” (Self-Released)

First things first…I HATE Mates Of State! Now, that I got that out of the way the first band that pops into my head when listening to Matt & Kim is Mates Of State. You think that would ruin it for me but surprisingly it does not. Matt & Kim are also a male/female duo just like Mates Of State. However, they don’t deal in syrupy hooks and songs that make you feel like you’re going to gag if you are subjected to them for one more second. Where Mates Of State deal in cheesy sentiments Matt & Kim have more of a geeky and fun style to their music. To/From was recorded in an apartment and that shows. However, it adds to the DIY charm that Matt & Kim seem to promote. While Kim’s drumming could be described as simple and Matt’s vocals might be a little too nasally at times, the joy that emanates from the duo’s music is one that should be soaked up by the listener. From what I’ve heard of Matt & Kim’s live show, it is a joy that the duo prides themselves on creating over and over again.

RIYL: Mates Of State, Ben Folds, Devo


Matt & Kim – Silver Tiles (mp3)

Matt & Kim – Verbs Before Nouns (mp3)



  1. poorly written review.

  2. Why do you go through the trouble of trying to make it clear that they are not really like Mates of State (whom I also loathe) only to list MoS in that ridiculous RIYL line? It defeats the purpose. And truthfully, I don’t think Matt and Kim are really any different.

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