Posted by: will | June 23, 2006


Woods "How To Survive In/In The Woods" (Release The Bats)

Woods are made up of two members of the indie rock band Meneguar. It's a much different beast then the catchy indie rock of Meneguar though. Woods play LO-FI folkish indie rock that recalls early Sebadoh and Modest Mouse. How To Survive In/In The Woods was originally released as a double cassette but has been remastered and put on CD by Release The Bats. While I never heard the cassette version I can not imagine that the CD release sounds too much better. This is still rough around the edges lo-fi rock at its best. Songs go back and forth from noisy instrumentals to songs with incredibly distorted vocals to more traditional folk tunes. This project was said to begin in the woods, at the foot of Bear Mountain. It certainly is an appropriate name for the group as the songs echo thoughts of being alone in the wilderness. While the production values certainly lend themselves to the overall feeling of the album one can not help but wonder how great some of these songs would sound given proper production treatment. That's a minor complaint though. In the end, great songs will always be great songs.

RIYL: Sebadoh, Modest Mouse, Pavement

Listen: Woods – Holes (mp3)



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