Posted by: will | June 19, 2006


Armalite "Armalite" (No Idea)

I guess you could say that Armalite are a hardcore/pop-punk super-group. The band is led by Adam Goren of the nerd-core one-man-band Atom And His Package and Dan Yemin of such legendary bands as Lifetime, Kid Dynamite and Paint It Black. The band's sound is certainly a throwback of sorts. But it is certainly nice to hear in 2006. Head and shoulders above all aspects of this record is the fact that it is a downright blast to listen to. It's the perfect mix of geeky pop-punk and hardcore which I guess makes sense considering the patrons involved. Goren shares vocal duties but it's the songs with his nerdy vocal delivery that stand out the most on the album. Lyrics run the gamut from serious to silly. The band has a clever way of tackling subjects like diabetes, overzealous parents and misguided US politics in a biting, yet humorous way. It's a shame the band probably won't ever get past their side-project phase. Frankly, anybody coming from a pop-punk or hardcore background will absolutely eat this album up.

RIYL: The Bouncing Souls, Descendents, Minor Threat


Armalite – Entitled (mp3)

Armalite – I Am A Pancreas (I Seek To Understand Me…) (mp3)


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