Posted by: will | June 14, 2006

Loose Fur…

Loose Fur "Born Again In The USA" (Drag City)

Loose Fur is a side project made up of Jeff Tweedy and Glenn Kotche of Wilco fame and renown indie rocker/producer Jim O'Rourke (ex-Sonic Youth) who played on and helped produce the last two Wilco albums. Loose Fur's second go round, Born Again In The USA is a much more confident and cohesive effort than the group's debut. I'm not quite sure the casual Wilco fan enjoyed Loose Fur's first full-length. However, I believe that Born Again In The USA would be right up their alley and could very well satisfy any Wilco withdrawals.

The album starts off with two songs that certainly would not sound out of place on a Wilco record. The first track, the rocking "Hey Chicken" harkens back to earlier, more rough sounding Wilco material. The next track, "The Ruling Class" is more of a diverse pop song that would have fit in rather nicely on either of Wilco's last two albums. Tweedy and O'Rourke trade off vocals on different songs. On the pretty and slow-paced "Answers To Your Questions", O'Rourke makes his first appearance. It's a striking song that very well could be the best on the album. The instrumental track "An Ecumential Matter" and the sprawling 8 minute "Wreckroom" highlight the composing skills of these three talented musicians.

Side-projects like Loose Fur are unfortunately few and far between. Born Again In The USA is a picture in time of three friends coming together to have fun and it certainly shows. The fact that they are making great music for all of us to hear is just our dumb luck.

RIYL: Wilco, Jim O' Rourke, The Autumn Defense




  1. Excellent! I like the Loose Fur. Great use of Power Rangers (my favorites – I’m a dork).

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