Posted by: will | June 13, 2006

Built To Spill…


Built To Spill "You In Reverse" (Warner Bros.)

What were you doing five years ago? I'm not sure about you, but my life has been dramatically altered since then. Many things have changed…some for better and some for worse. Yet, it's nice to know that there are some constants out there like Built To Spill. The band graces us with their first album since 2001's Ancient Melodies Of The Future and it sure is comforting to hear them again.

You In Reverse is tried and true Built To Spill. If you were looking for the band to reinvent themselves in the last five years, you will be be sorely disappointed. Why would you want anything more then what Built To Spill has already given us? Ten more songs of their trademark indie rock that is led by the guitar madness of Doug Martsch sounds just fine to me.

The nine-minute "Goin' Against Your Mind" starts off You In Reverse in fine fashion. As with most Built To Spill albums, the songs flow efortlessly along in beautiful fashion. "Conventional Wisdom" echoes early 90's era Dinosaur Jr. in its pop craft. Overall You In Reverse is a somewhat more subdued affair than past Built To Spill albums. Somber lyrics are backed by wonderfully imaginative guitar solos and impeccable melodies. That Built To Spill could go away for five years only to come back and produce such a fine piece of work is amazing. It's a testament to the band's incredible talent.

So, if you have been a fan of the band in the past then You In Reverse will certainly leave you smiling and waxing nostalgic. It's like reaquainting yourself with an old friend. It's familiar, yet exciting. It leaves you with a comfortable feeling that you wish would come around more often. So, please Built To Spill, don't make me wait five more years to recapture this feeling once again.

RIYL: Modest Mouse, Dinosaur Jr., Neil Young




  1. Just a general comment – why aren’t you writing for Pitchfork Media or some other mainstream publication? Your writing is crisp and professional, you have a good clear way of reviewing albums that always make me want to give them a listen.

    I have no idea how someone gets started as a writer, maybe you need to intern with Rolling Stone magazine (even though they kinda suck but not as bad as Spin)? You should give it a shot while you’re still young and pretty.

  2. thanks maritza…

    i’m not pretentious enough to write for pitchfork and i don’t think i’m willing to sell my soul to write for rolling stone or spin.

    to tell you the truth, i never wrote one music review in my life til i started this blog so i’m still learning here.

    right now…i’m content with living in anonymity.

  3. OK, just don’t forget me when you publish your first book. I’ll be able to say, “I remember when he was content with living in anonymity”!

    You’re doing great, keep at it.

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