Posted by: will | June 8, 2006


Belong "October Language" (Carpark)

Belong's debut album Broken October is a collaboration between two men, Turk Dietrich and Michael Jones. This album sounds like it was created some place cold, but actually its origin lies in the bayou heat of New Orleans. The band has a massive electronic shoegazing sound much akin to artists like Fennesz and My Bloody Valentine.

October Language was created and constructed within the cozy confines of Dietrich's bedroom. It's hard to fathom really as much of the album has a rather vast feeling to it. The album is devoid of any vocals but that never hinders the duo from creating some real heavy emotional moments as the music precisely rises and falls on October Language. The album is supposed to reflect New Orleans and the city's rich textures and disparate elements. I can not judge if the album is able to capture the feel of New Orleans considering I've never visited the grand city. However, for any fan who delves into glitch-electronica artists or has an affinity for the shoegazing genre, October Language is well-worth many a patient listening session.

RIYL: Fennesz, My Bloody Valentine, Telefon Tel Aviv

Listen: Belong – I Never Lose, Never Really (mp3)


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