Posted by: will | June 7, 2006

Colour Revolt…


Colour Revolt "Colour Revolt" (Esperanza Plantation)

Jackson, Mississippi? Hell, if Columbia, SC can have good bands then why not Jackson, MS? I recently saw these guys and was thoroughly impressed. I had been tipped off to the Colour Revolt through several sources and it was nice that the band actually lived up to any expectations that may have been set. The band got off to a bad start with me considering I had to pay $10 for this six song EP. I'm not one to complain about what a band charges for their music and/or merchandise but frankly that is quite pricey for an EP. Bands should be selling their stuff for cheaper at shows…not more expensive than I can get it elsewhere. But, I digress.

Alright, now that I'm off my soapbox, this debut EP by Colour Revolt is damn good. The band started off under the moniker of Fletcher and released a full-length album. I recently picked up the Fletcher disc and believe you me, the Colour Revolt is a huge step up for the band. While the Fletcher material is strong, the Colour Revolt material is ten times more memorable.

You can tell you are in for something special as the album opener, "Blood In Your Mouth", is kicked off with a spirited harmonica. Lead singer Jesse Coppenbarger's vocal drawl is decidedly Southern. He recalls the crazy distorted vocals that characterized Issac Brock and early Modest Mouse. The next two tracks are probably the strongest on the EP. "Mattresses Underwater" is a down-tempo tune that ends rather epically with the poignant lyrics If you ever see me dying/just put me in the ground. Another parallel to Modest Mouse's work is the band's similar lyrical themes. Where Modest Mouse seemed quite enamored with morality on many of their albums so too seem Colour Revolt. Death and God/religion are lyrical themes that are echoed throughout this EP. "A New Family" is the third track and recalls the beautifully tense soundscapes of a band like The Standard. The last three songs continue the band's self-proclaimed Southern Gothic style.

I have got a feeling about this band. It is going to be quite a task to follow up this debut. But, if they can do it then watch out. These guys have the potential to not only be a huge indie rock band…but huge period. They have absolutely everything in place to get there. So, you better jump on the bandwagon while you still can!

RIYL: Modest Mouse, The Standard, My Morning Jacket

Listen: Colour Revolt – Mattresses Underwater (mp3)



  1. yea i totally agree with everything that you’ve said.. blood in your mouth, matresses underwater, and circus are very good songs, very different from mainstream music.

  2. […] Just got back in town in time to see Colour Revolt play Monday night here in Columbia. Let me tell you…I still have not figured out what “it” is but Colour Revolt definitely have whatever “it” may be. I’m pretty sure the band played all six songs off their outstanding debut EP, as well as two impressive new songs. Oh, and to top it off they played an ‘effing Neil Young cover (”Southern Man” off of After The Gold Rush). The band’s live show, while certainly not polished, is one to behold. There is a beauty in the jagged screams of lead singer Jesse Coppenbarger (although the guy is going to need vocal surgery in a few years if he’s not careful). Live, the music and the creative arrangements come off as rough but that only adds to the band’s charm. I still stand by my prediction that his band is gold and will be huge one day. Catch them in smaller clubs while you still can. […]

  3. […] Either way, who cares?! SAL is stoked! You can check out my review of the band’s debut here and the track, “Naked and Red,” at their myspace […]

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