Posted by: will | June 6, 2006


Ambulette "The Lottery" (Astralwerks)

Being a big fan of Maura Davis and her previous band, Denali, I was rather excited to finally hear her new band, Ambulette. Ambulette sounds like a rather logical extension of Denali and sees Davis continuing along the beautiful path she has created for herself. The Lottery is the band's first release and it proceeds the band's upcoming debut full-length for Capital Records.

It is Davis' voice that will always be the rightful focal point in her bands. She has such a commanding and powerful presence that absolutely controls the music that backs her. It is certainly no studio trickery either as I have bared witness to her chops live on more than a few occasions. While Denali perfected their craft of creating cold and dark atmospheres, Ambulette seem to be going for a slightly more accesible sound. That's not to say that The Lottery contains straightforward pop songs though. These five songs seem to show a little more warmth and I find myself instantly intrigued where as Denali songs always seemed to take some patience to reel in. The Lottery is a triumph for Ambulette and one that leaves me wanting more. Lucky for us all that the band's debut full-length is right around the corner.

RIYL: Denali, Portishead, Helium




  1. The remind me of The Sundays but not as slick. Very nice.

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