Posted by: will | June 5, 2006

The Grey…

The Grey "Asleep At The Wheel" (Lovitt)

The Grey rise from the ashes of legendary Canadian hardcore bands like Shotmaker and Three Penny Opera. The band's sound certainly shows those past influences as well as a definite nod towards Fugazi and the D.C. scene. The band mostly flows along the same path of legendary post-hardcore bands such as Jawbox and Seaweed. But Asleep At The Wheel also smartly looks into furthering that sound a bit as well.

The post-hardcore company that the band keeps is surely impressive. However, on more than a few occasions, the band recalls the post-punk/classic rock feel of another fellow Canadian band, Constantines. The road-weary album centerpiece "Good People Everywhere" is a remarkable song that weaves a lovely piano in and out. "Sinking" starts off conventional enough but ends rather wonderfully on a long pedal steel guitar riff. It's songs like these that allow The Grey to transcend their hardcore past as well as their obvious influences. Asleep At The Wheel is a strong debut that pushes the boundaries of the band's current genre constrictions. Hopefully, the band will keep pushing and capitalize on their obvious potential.

RIYL: Constantines, Jawbox, Seaweed



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