Posted by: will | May 31, 2006

Back So Soon?

Ha, I'm back. Last night was an odd night to say the least. I went out to a really good show and for some reason got this overwhelming feeling of wanting to run my car off a cliff or something…I had a bit of an epiphany (breakdown) I suppose. Perhaps I drank a little too much. Anywho, I'm here and I'm not quite ready to be shipped off to the mental institute just yet. Reviews will be coming like mad. I might start posting two a day cause I have so much stuff to listen to right now. Werd.



  1. Will,
    You’re bringing out the worrisome mom in me. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to talk to someone about this, you know. It couldn’t hurt, it may even help.

  2. no worries…i just get a little overdramatic sometimes. maybe i’ve listened to too much emo in my lifetime. thanks mommy maritza!

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