Posted by: will | May 29, 2006

This is Punk Rock…

Latterman surprisingly made it back from their European Tour alive and well:

European recap!

ok so we just came home a few days ago from our european tour…heres a few high lights to recap the last 2 months. flew on a plane to germany, met a guy named jan who booked the tour and drove the van…he ruled. phil had $1 on him when we arrived. we played some shows, some were in squats, a few were in bars and one looked kinda like woodstock. we saw some castles, visited a wall that kept the romans out and then sat outside the fence of stonehenge. we played with frankie stubbs, he played some leatherface songs (which was awsome) and then he came on tour for 3 days. we played some more shows, took some ferry's and lied about not being a band a bunch so we didnt get kicked out of countries. some people got engaged at one of our shows. brian bought a bunch of records and some new pants. phil asked the guy from anti-flag for $10 and then he called us all bitches. jan ate some snot. played some more shows. got pulled over and searched for drugs because matts eyes were bloodshot…they made us take off our shoes….sucks for them. brian bought some more records. we smoked lots of splifs. ate lots of bread with weird vegan spreads. played with tim barry…he played some avail songs (wich was also very awsome). eventually we had to get ready to leave. we found out jan used to ride a unicycle to school every day for a long time when he was younger. got searched at customs. phil lost his sleeping bag, clothes, glasses and came back with nothing besides the clothes on his back (some belonged to brian)…the people in costoms at the airport were very confused. overall we had a great time, so thanks so much to all the amazing people we met and all the people who helped out with everything. we hope to see you all again soon! xo!

-pat, brian, phil and matt

– While it might be true that these guys don't smell so nice…I love them no less! Their amazing record "No Matter Where We Go..!" was in my Top Ten of 2005.


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