Posted by: will | May 29, 2006

Josh Rouse…

Josh Rouse "Subtitulo" (Bedroom Classics/Nettwork America)

This is my first exposure to Josh Rouse. It's a name that I have heard good things about for years now it seems. For some reason I have just never gotten around to giving Mr. Rouse a listen til now. I think I have been missing out on something special. Subtitulo is Rouse's seventh album and the first for his own label, Bedroom Classics. The name is appropriate as Subtitulo sounds straight out of the intimate confines of Rouse's bedroom.

Subtitulo is for the most part a low-key affair that sees Rouse keeping things soft and simple. "Jersey Clowns" sounds like a more honest but down-trodden Ryan Adams. The wonderful "The Man Who" recalls the glory of older Belle And Sebastian as Rouse trades vocals with guest female vocalist Paz Suay. On tracks like "It Looks Like Love", "His Majesty Rides" and "Givin' It Up" the pace picks up a little bit which helps the album move along rather easily. In fact, the album's ten songs fly by in just over half an hour. It's too quick of a listen and I find myself reaching for the play button again and again.

When listening to Subtitulo for the first time some might find it to be slightly underwhelming. It is certainly not an album that is going to jump out at you. It is much more subtle than that. It sneaks up on you. However, with each listen, I find myself more impressed. I find myself wanting to hear more of Rouse's earlier work. I also find myself dumbfounded that Rouse isn't more of a household name by now.

RIYL: Ryan Adams, Pernice Brothers, Paul Westerberg



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