Posted by: will | May 19, 2006

Gregor Samsa…

Gregor Samsa "55:12" (Kora)

Richmond, VA's Gregor Samsa is a band that has been around in one form or another since 2000. However, this is only the band's first full-length. Perhaps because I have seen the band lumped into the post-rock genre I assumed the band was purely instrumental. However, there are vocals on the all of 55:12's tracks. The band definitely has post-rock qualities but they also remind me of some of the legendary slow-core bands as well. Enough with genre placement though, this is an incredibly confident effort from a band that has obviously mastered their craft rather well in the last six years.

At times it seems the band may have mastered their craft a little too well though. Through my initial listens everything seemed a little too comfortable for the band. However, with each careful listen the band reveals more to the listener. Gregor Samsa play sprawling music that ebbs and flows at just the right moments. The hushed intertwining male and female vocals add an understated simplicity to the backing soundscapes the band creates. There are nods towards ambient and shoegazing sounds all over 55:12. This is dreamy late-night music that begs the listener to lay back and soak it all in. It's beautiful and lovely and quite moving.

This is a fine effort for Gregor Samsa. The band has obviously matured on their own time table. Perhaps more bands should take note and not try to jump into the musical arena before they are ready. Gregor Samsa has allowed themselves time to age into the gorgeous band they are now.

RIYL: Denali, Sigur Ros, Low

Listen: Gregor Samsa – Young And Old (mp3)



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