Posted by: will | May 18, 2006

The Flaming Lips…

The Flaming Lips "At War With The Mystics" (Warner Bros.)

This has been another record that I have found extremely hard to write about. The Flaming Lips are one of those rare bands that leave me dumbfounded at times. At one moment I am completely annoyed and the next I am utterly amazed. At War With The Mystics is a frustrating, yet overall rewarding listen that sees The Flaming Lips moving even farther away in sound from the glorious symphonic pop of The Softest Bulletin.

The album is literally all over the musical map. The somewhat cohesive nature of The Flaming Lips past two efforts is surely lost on At War With The Mystics. It's a slightly schizophrenic affair which hopefully explains my frustration at times. While the humor of the band still shines through, there are other interesting lyrical topics the band touches on that simply have not been explored much before by The Flaming Lips. The band's lyrical brush touches on death as usual but political and pop culture references show up on At War With The Mystics as well.

As much of a fight I have had with At War With The Mystics I still find it to be a worthy adversary. As long as the band keeps writing such beautifully sad pop songs like "My Cosmic Autumn Rebellion", "Vein Of Stars", "Mr. Ambulance Driver" and "Goin' On", I will keep on listening. As long as the band keeps pushing their boundaries and writing amazing songs like the epic "Pompeii Am Götterdämmerung", I will still be here craving more.

At War With The Mystics is an album that if given the chance will surely grow on you. It contains some absolutely amazing songs. While the album is definitely not on par with Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots or The Soft Bulletin, it is most certainly an admirable addition to the band's already tremendous discography.

RIYL: The Polyphonic Spree, Grandaddy, Mercury Rev




  1. how sad that grandaddy no longer exists.

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