Posted by: will | May 17, 2006

Hump Day Musings…


– So, this is what Blink fans like myself get? Angels & Airwaves? Granted, I've only listened to this once so far. But come on Tom, why must you take yourself so damn seriously? This is the band that is supposedly going to change the face of rock music. Rly?

– Thoughts on the new blog layout? Side-bar on left or right? I can't decide!

Matador joins Saddle Creek and Merge in offering digital vinyl. Sweet! This is such a fabulous idea…who's next? 

– In regards to the listen links…I despise putting up myspace links but sometimes it is my only choice. Until I get a new computer and uploading doesn't become such a timely chore I am afraid the myspace links will continue. But ONLY if I am unable to find mp3 links.

– I've run across a few excellent 2005 releases in the last month. Somehow, I just totally missed the boat on these but they are great records. I'm contemplating whether to review them or not. I try to keep things as current as possible in regards to reviewing albums close to their release dates. Thoughts on this? 

– Go visit my blog links…there are some great reads in there.

– I was just watching the rerun of last night's Daily Show and Denis Leary just plugged the new Twilight Singers album Powder Burns. It reminded me that I need to get it asap. Greg Dulli is such a badass!


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