Posted by: will | May 16, 2006


Haram "Haram" (Lovitt)

Haram rises out of the ashes of a tremendous pedigree. Members of the band once performed in the influential hardcore/screamo outfits City Of Caterpillar, Majority Rule, and Pg. 99. That's a hell of lineage to live up to. Haram seem more than up to the task though.

The band's sound is certainly more akin to bands like the rocking Hot Snakes or post-hardcore bands like Frodus and Drive Like Jehu. It's the sound of a group of individuals who have matured and moved their collective sound forward. Much of the album deals with a straight-ahead intensity and urgency that is hard to rival. The problem with that is it tends to find the band getting slightly monotonous at times. When the band finds itself slowing things down a little bit, well, that's when the magic happens. On the slower tracks you can feel a Sonic Youth and My Bloody Valentine vibe floating around. Adding that dreamy element to Haram's post-hardcore rocking style is a thing of beauty.

Haram shows on this, only their debut album, that they indeed have what it takes. However, the scene that the band members come from is notorious for bands breaking up before reaching their full potential. Here's hoping that Haram can hang around for a bit and groom the promise they show here.

RIYL: Sonic Youth, Drive Like Jehu, Hot Snakes

Listen: Haram – Fade Away (mp3)


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