Posted by: will | May 14, 2006

Hot Water Music…

R.I.P. (1994-2006)

So, Hot Water Music, who are probably one of the most influential bands for me, has finally bitten the dust. The band announced last year that they would be going on an indefinite hiatus. Well, it seems as though the hiatus has become a permanent one now.

Unfortunately, the band had lost a lot of their magic through the years. When two of your earlier albums, 1997's Fuel For The Hate Game and Forever And Counting are absolute masterpieces, it's certainly hard to keep following it up with something better year after year. I can honestly say that Forever And Counting is in my top ten albums of all time. The band broke up briefly after Forever And Counting. The funny thing is if they had stayed broken up their legacy would would have been absolutely legendary by now. I would probably have a HWM tatoo right now as well. However, the band stayed together and released four more albums. All of the later albums were strong pieces of work but nothing could ever touch their earlier material.

I remember seeing the band when they were touring on Forever And Counting. It was probably the greatest show I have ever witnessed and it was most certainly a definining moment for me. It was at a small VFW hall here in Columbia. It was hot and sweaty and I didn't really know too many people there. None of that mattered though. Hot Water Music played in the middle of the floor in the hall. They were standing eye to eye with the crowd and as the show went on crowd and band became one. As odd as it may sound, it was a truly emotional experience. I had never felt so exhilarated at a show before. That show and this band changed my life in a small way. I thank them for that. Cheers boys!

– FYI…I totally forgot to mention that the name of this blog was taken from the Hot Water Music song "Sound For Language"…I just changed it slightly. So, yeah…


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