Posted by: will | May 11, 2006

No Knife…

Band You Should Have Known

No Knife rank as one of my favorite bands of all time. The fact that this band never got more popular still baffles me to this very day. No Knife released countless seven inches, a few EPs and four full length records. The band played a wonderful combination of emo/indie rock with definite post-punk qualities. If you can imagine Jimmy Eat World and Sunny Day Real Estate getting crossed with Wire and Gang Of Four then you might be able to see how expansive No Knife’s sound really was. While most bands that specialize in more angular sounds lose much of the catchiness of pop music, No Knife never did. No matter how intricate a No Knife song was capable of getting, they always had the ability to rope you back in with an amazing hook. It’s hard to recommend one record so i’ll suggest three…1997’s Hit Man Dreams, 1999’s Fire In The City Of Automatons and their final album, 2002’s Riot For Romance.

Listen: No Knife downloads



  1. […] spotlighted No Knife almost a year ago right here. So, I felt it appropriate to highlight Ryan Ferguson, former guitarist/vocalist of No Knife. […]

  2. Yes!! No Knife is awesome. I used to circulate Hit Man Dreams quite often back in the day.

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