Posted by: will | May 5, 2006



Destroyer "Destroyer's Rubies" (Merge)

As it was with Neko Case, I discovered Dan Bejar's Destroyer through his involvement with the brilliant New Pornographers as well. Destroyer's Rubies is the sixth album for Dan Bejar's solo project. Destroyer's last album, 2004's Your Blues, was a bold step into quirky synth-era David Bowie grandeur. Destroyer's Rubies sees Bejar returning Destroyer to the eclectic guitar-oriented art pop of his albums prior to Your Blues.

Destroyer's Rubies is yet another fine album to add to the Destroyer catalog. Dan Bejar's vocals are certainly reminiscent to that of Bowie. His musical landscapes are rich in texture and his lyrics are clever and descriptive. While not as beautifully meandering as 2002's This Night, you can still tell that Bejar is in no hurry to get to where he is going. You get the feeling that he places no limits on where his songwriting may or may not take him. I can surely understand why people have described Destroyer as alienating. If you are unwilling to take the scenic route at times when listening to music then Destroyer is probably not for you.

Destroyer's Rubies could possibly be the album that I would recommend for people who are unfamiliar with the band to start. I would venture to say it is Bejar's most accessible work under the Destroyer moniker. It's got the wonderful heart of his earlier work without too much of the obtuseness of some of his later material. Simply put, Destroyer's Rubies is another fascinating piece of art by one of the most creative songwriters out there today.

RIYL: David Bowie, The New Pornographers, Frog Eyes

Listen: Destroyer song streams



  1. This is very good. I like the line, “’s 1987 all the time..” Thanks!

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