Posted by: will | April 21, 2006



Aloha "Some Echoes" (Polyvinyl)

For me, Aloha has always been a band that I have admired and enjoyed but not one that I have felt a real strong affinity towards. Some Echoes may have changed that. On this, the band's fourth album, it seems everything has clicked for the group. Touching on genres from emo to post-rock to indie rock to prog, the band seems much more assured of themselves than at any time in their past. The band has suffered through some line-up changes as well as some changes in instrumentation but it seems as Some Echoes turns over a new leaf for the band.

On Some Echoes, the delicate vocals of lead singer Tony Cavalarrio are more out in front and not hidden by mounds and mounds of instrumentation. This does wonders for the band as Cavalarrio's vocals accentuate the band's more subdued tones on Some Echoes. For some reason Cavalarrio's vocals keep bringing Will Oldham to mind. That's something that was never noticed on past albums. His vocals add something special to the varied musical soundscapes the band puts forth on Some Echoes.

Some Echoes is a special album that sees a band finally coming into their own. It's a wonderful thing to hear and experience. Aloha is making music that can be truly described as unique. How many bands can you realistically say that about anymore?

RIYL: Karate, The Sea And Cake, Tortoise

Listen: Aloha – Your Eyes (mp3)



  1. I think, in this age of regurgitation, a band cannot affort to fit in the “sounds like” paradigm. Bands need to seek new original ideas, and not be so concerned about not looking cool. Just an opinion.

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