Posted by: will | April 18, 2006


Band You Should Have Known

Zoinks! was an excellent pop-punk band out of Reno, NV. The band released most of their material via Dr. Strange Records which put out a hefty amount of incredible pop-punk in the mid-nineties. Zoinks! was probably most comparable in sound to early Green Day. This was the case with a lot of the bands at the time but Zoinks! just flat out wrote better songs than their contemporaries. I’d recommend starting with 1996’s Stranger Anxiety which is an outstanding collection of every song from the band’s 7-inch singles and most of the band’s songs that have appeared on compilations.


Zoinks! – Not As If (mp3)

Zoinks! – Suzie Bright (mp3)

Zoinks! – Chest Pain (mp3)

Zoinks! – Wooden Nickel (mp3)


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