Posted by: will | April 12, 2006

Yeah Yeah Yeahs…


Yeah Yeah Yeahs "Show Your Bones" (Interscope)

Following the breakout success of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs first album, Fever To Tell, the band returns with their second album Show Your Bones. The initial reaction to the album might be one of shock by long-time fans of the band. Show Your Bones is a much more subdued affair then past efforts. It seems that the band may be trying to duplicate the success that the softer side of Fever To Tell brought them. That's an encouraging sign for someone like myself who was completely enamored with the last few tracks of Fever To Tell. Those songs showcased the band as an entirely different beast. It was a vulnerable, yet beautiful, display of melody that the band had never truly hit before. So, does the band duplicate that success on Show Your Bones?

Show Your Bones should definitely reap benefits in gaining the Yeah Yeah Yeahs more fans. The album is much more user-friendly and accessible than anything the band has ever done before. This isn't to say that Show Your Bones completely eschews the aggresiveness of the band's past though. On more than a few songs the band's music remains full of that old aggresive spirit. What is truly striking though is the wild abandon of Karen O's vocals seems to be all but gone save a couple of tracks. That definitely takes some getting accustomed to for long-time listeners of the band and I am sure many will not be able to accept that. It's there loss though.

With every listen to Show Your Bones, the album continues to grow on me. Show Your Bones is a heartfelt album that shows off a more streamlined Yeah Yeah Yeahs. The album sheds light on a more mature band than Fever To Tell ever did. If you can truly move past the band's wilder past and appreciate where the band may be heading then I think you could be in for a nice long ride.

RIYL: Tegan And Sara, Blondie, The White Stripes




  1. I love them and I’m buying that cd.

  2. Agreed… this CD was much anticipated by myself and it didn’t fail to impress. Although the track Phenomeona is almost too LL Cool J… it still rocks my boat with a wicked beat.

  3. Just downloaded that CD and really like it.

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