Posted by: will | April 2, 2006

Band Of Horses…


Band Of Horses "Everything All The Time" (Sub Pop)

Short Review:

Band Of Horses' Everything All The Time makes me long to have a beer in my hand and my feet in the water.

Long Review:

Band Of Horses rise from the ashes of Carissa's Wierd. The band bares little resemblance to its predecessor though. Where Carissa's Wierd were more of a chamber pop ensemble, Band Of Horses are a full blown band that draws equally from indie rock and southern rock. The band's debut, Everything All The Time, was produced by Phil Ek who has worked with The Shins, Modest Mouse and Built To Spill. That seems like a brilliant choice as the sound of Band Of Horses definitely parallels the aforementioned bands. Ek does an outstanding job and Everything All The Time is an album that should already have the band firmly implanted into elite status.

Perhaps I am partial but I believe Everything All The Time could have only been written by someone who was raised in the South as Band Of Horses lead singer Ben Bridwell was. His vocals bare a striking resemblance to the shimmering, reverb-soaked vocals of Jim James from My Morning Jacket. The music and lyrics of Everything All The Time ring true to a southern boy like myself. I tend to identify with the band's songs on a much deeper level…one that is quite difficult to put into words. The aforementioned My Morning Jacket have that same effect on me. Band Of Horses has a way of conjuring up dusty images of the simple pain and beauty that floats through our everyday lives. The southern imagery woven through the tapestry of Everything All The Time is simply stunning.

I have a feeling that Everything All The Time will continue to grow on me and provide comfort throughout the year. It is an album that is surrounded in sadness but breeds incredible hope. That for me parallels life in the South. Ugly at times, yet so goddamn beautiful!

RIYL: Built To Spill, My Morning Jacket, Neil Young

Listen: Band Of Horses – The Funeral (mp3)


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