Posted by: will | March 30, 2006

The Appleseed Cast…


The Appleseed Cast "Peregrine" (The Militia Group)

The Appleseed Cast make their triumphant return with their first album for their new label The Miltia Group. Peregrine marks the band's fifth album and a beautiful return to form. 2003's Two Conversations was strong but it saw the band stepping away from their experimental nature to make a fairly straightforward accessible album. Peregrine is arguably the most diverse album in the band's rich discography. To see the band making such a bold statement after Two Conversations is certainly encouraging and bodes well for the promise the band showed earlier in their career.

The Appleseed Cast quiety turned heads in 2000 with their second full length Mare Vitalis which was miles ahead of their debut album The End Of The Ring Wars. The band then followed Mare Vitalis up in 2001 with Low Level Owl, their double-album masterpiece. The band was head and shoulders above their emo counterparts in creating gorgeous soundscapes. Their uniqueness led the band to get more than their fair share of Radiohead comparisons.

With Peregrine you have the band continuing the tradition they started earlier in their career. The band has integrated instrumentals back into their repertoire as well. Peregrine includes four fabulous instrumentals over the album's 13 tracks. The album opener "Ceremony" and the album closer "The Clock And The Storm" rival some of the best the post-rock genre has to offer. Electronics are much more prevalent on the album and the band's flirtation with The Cure has never been more evident on more than a few tracks. While the band might be accused of being all over the map, they never seem to fail on Peregrine.

The only complaint I have about Peregrine is that the songs seem to play out as more of a collection than an album. That's what made Mare Vitalis and Low Level Owl so special. Those were true albums where you felt like every song was serving a true purpose in the whole concept of the album. With Peregrine that seems to be lacking at times. With that being said though, this is an outstanding collection of songs…one that puts The Appleseed Cast back at the top.

RIYL: Radiohead, The Cure, Sunny Day Real Estate



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