Posted by: will | March 28, 2006


Band You Should Have Known

Juno was a mind-blowing indie-rock band out of Seattle, WA. The band started their career with seven-inch releases on Sub Pop and Jade Tree. Unfortunately, the band met their demise after only two full length albums which were released via Desoto Records. The band’s sound is one that is hard to pigeonhole. The band simply had a wonderful variety in sound and was able to switch styles at will. Juno was equally adept at going from a great emotional rock song to a gorgeous instrumental. In my mind, the band was miles ahead of most indie-rock bands at the time. Juno’s 1999 full length debut This Is The Way It Goes And Goes And Goes is a guitar rock masterpiece and would be my recommendation to start with. However, 2001’s A Future Lived In Past Tense was a fine effort as well. If you ever liked stuff in the vein of Sonic Youth, My Bloody Valentine, Radiohead or And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead then check Juno out.

Listen: Juno – When I Was In…(mp3)

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