Posted by: will | March 11, 2006

Free Diamonds…

Free Diamonds "There Should Be More Dancing" (Deep Elm)

This a peculiar signing for Deep Elm. The predominantly emo label has expanded their sound of late to the posi punk of the amazing Latterman to the big radio rock of Fightstar to the dark pop-punk of Small Arms Dealer. Free Diamonds hail from the UK and have a sound that I like to refer to as sass-core. The vocals will be what makes or breaks this band for listeners. To describe the vocals as nasally is perhaps an understatement. If you are familiar with the sassy vocal stylings of a band like The Blood Brothers then maybe you have an idea of what to expect here. When listening to this album you can tell that Free Diamonds' tongues are firmly implanted in their cheeks. As the title of the record might suggest, it seems that Free Diamonds are just here to relieve their broken hearts and just have some damn fun! Musically the boys bring it rather nicely with some rather catchy spazzed up art-punk. The question is do the vocals ruin the music? With repeated listens the vocals do get easier to swallow but I'm afraid many listeners just will not have the patience to allow them the time needed to sink in. With that being said, There Should Be More Dancing is a nice debut album but one with only a limited shelf life. I have no doubt that these guys put on one hell of a live show though.

RIYL: The Blood Brothers, Q And Not U, Ex-Models

Listen: Free Diamonds – Blind Boys (mp3) 


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