Posted by: will | March 2, 2006

Burns Out Bright…

(This is my 100th post. Because I wanted this to be a little more meaningful than others, I decided to make the post my review of the new Burns Out Bright record. Simply put, this band means a great deal to me.)


Burns Out Bright "Save Yourself A Lifetime" (Deep Elm)

Sincerity is a quality that is abundantly missing from most of today's music. Sincerity for me is such an important part of the music that will truly stay with you throughout the years. It is something a band just can not fake. It is quite shocking to me to see so many bands that simply have a lack of heart. I remember the first time I saw Burns Out Bright play. It was a long night of mediocre local bands until the band took the stage. There was something different about these guys. They could actually play their instruments and I was floored by the feeling the band gave me. It was that unexplainable warm sensation that you get when a band gets under your skin. The hair might stand up on the back of your neck or maybe you just catch yourself with a big grin on your face. I think it is safe to say that Burns Out Bright have given me that feeling more than any other band over the years.

Considering how long Burns Out Bright has been together, it is hard to believe that Save Yourself A Lifetime is the band's first full-length album. The band has traveled a long hard road to get to this point. They have suffered all the usual pitfalls of an indie band but seem to have come out stronger than ever. For this fact alone, the band should be commended. Nine out of ten bands would have thrown in the towel by now. Burns Out Bright is that tenth band.

The growth that Burns Out Bright shows on Save Yourself A Lifetime from previous releases is quite clear. While still staying within the post-hardcore/emo/rock genres, the band seems much more open to experiment with song structures and different moods and textures. I honestly think that if Burns Out Bright ever decided to become a post-rock instrumental band the switch could be a flawless one. These guys can flat out play.

While most songs on past releases hovered in the 2-4 minute range the band opts to not constrict themselves to a certain length here. You have eight out of the ten songs on Save Yourself A Lifetime breaking the 4 minute mark with two of those songs breaking the 7 minute mark. Those two specific songs show the most growth and maturity from the band. The album opener, "The World Is Going To Hell, We Don't Have A Record Deal & I've Never Had A Better Time In My Life", is an anthem that should be taught to every underground band that is fishing around for a record deal. The closing gang vocals of "So when you sign your name/Remember why you sing!" will leave it's mark well past the time this record leaves your stereo. The third track "Replication Is The Highest Form Of Replication" highlights another level of growth for the band. In the past, almost all the vocals were handled by lead vocalist/bassist Isaac Stone. Guitarist Forest Montgomery takes over lead vocals on this track and surpasses all expectations. The song is a rather biting ode to the many formulaic bands that clutter the scene today. It heeds a warning to those bands that their day is almost over. The song rolls to its end in a beautiful and swirling three minute instrumental part that harkens back to the glory days of Jimmy Eat World or The Appleseed Cast. The rest of the album is a strong and confident combination of lyrical prowess and musical ability.

Save Yourself A Lifetime seems like more of a transitional album for Burns Out Bright. Even so, it's a hell of an accomplishment for the band considering all they have had to endure to get here. So, while the album will probably not blow anybody away like the band's live show does, one can only hope that it will give people a true idea of what Burns Out Bright stands for and the potential that lies ahead for this band. Burns Out Bright have heart and they bleed sincerity as a band and as people. No record deal or amount of money can ever put a price on that.

RIYL: Jimmy Eat World, Brand New, The Appleseed Cast

Listen: Burns Out Bright – The World Is Going To Hell. We Don't Have A Record Deal & I've Never Had A Better Time In My Life (mp3)


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