Posted by: will | February 21, 2006


Band You Should Have Known

For some reason, Carrboro, NC’s Hellbender remains a virtually unknown band to many. It’s hard to figure really considering two of the three members went on to play in much bigger bands like Les Savy Fav and Milemarker. Hellbender specialized in jagged post-pop-punk with definite Jawbreaker comparisons. The band released three albums total and two albums via Reservoir Records. Their third and final album, Con Limon, was released in 1997 and is a pop-punk masterpiece that should be hunted down by all who claim to be fans of the genre.




  1. Seriously, I have the Hellbender/Sleepasaurus split 7″ and I seriously need copies of their three cd’s. Since they were from North Carolina I really didn’t hear anything about them up here in Pennsylvania. Is there any possible way I could get copies of their albums? I’m desperate.

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