Posted by: will | February 15, 2006

The Loved Ones…


The Loved Ones "Keep Your Heart" (Fat Wreck Chords)

Is their any label that puts out better pop-punk and/or melodic hardcore records than Fat Wreck Chords? I know the label might get some flack here or there for one reason or another, but damn this label continues to sign great bands year after year. Not too many labels can say that they have been relevant for as long as Fat Wreck Chords has. The Loved Ones continue the trend as they release their debut album, Keep Your Heart, on the label.

The Loved Ones reside in Philly and are made up of former members of bands like The Curse, Kid Dynamite and Trial By Fire. While traces of all those bands and their hardcore upbringings do exist in The Loved Ones, the band is much more concerned with creating something simple and rocking. This band has a certain sing-along quality that bands like Green Day, Samiam or Hot Water Music have always had. On the album's centerpiece song "Sickening", the band channels the ghost of Lifetime beautifully. You can see influences from artists like Springsteen or The Replacements all through Keep Your Heart which adds a timeless quality to the band's music. Not only do you have a set of insanely catchy tunes with impeccable influences, you have lyrics that bleed conviction in a scene that desperately lacks it at times.

At the ancient age of 27 I realize that my musical tastes have evolved quite drastically over the years. However, it's nice and comforting to know that I will always have bands like The Loved Ones to fall back on. Bands like this are why I fell so hard for music in the first place. Keep Your Heart reminds me of where my love for music began and where it will most likely end as well.

RIYL: Hot Water Music, Lifetime, Green Day


The Loved Ones – Suture Self (mp3)

The Loved Ones – Jane (mp3)



  1. Love it!

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