Posted by: will | January 30, 2006

Motion City Soundtrack…

Motion City Soundtrack "Commit This To Memory" (Epitaph)

Before I made this impulse purchase I would have thought that Motion City Soundtrack would have had a hard time getting filed under anything other than a guilty pleasure. Well, I was wrong and now I must give these guys their due. It has been an awful long time since an album of this nature has moved me to do anything other than to head right back down to the local record store and quickly get it out of my possession before my cover is blown. Simply put, Motion City Soundtrack play poppy punky rock with keyboards. Yes, I know, someone really needs to knock me back into reality already! I should not like this album at all, right?

On their second album, Commit This To Memory, Motion City Soundtrack prove they are something that 99% of bands in this genre are not. They are smart. They write clever lyrics and their melodies are top notch and completely on point. And while bands of this nature tend to go ridiculously overboard with their hooks, Motion City Soundtrack's hooks are more understated and have a lot more to do with just good pop music. Oh, and not every song is about failed relationships…wow, what a concept! One of the bands that I can not get out of my head when listening to Commit This To Memory is the wonderful pop punk of The Smoking Popes. That is as high a compliment I can pay to these boys. Also, if you are a fan of early Get Up Kids or Alkaline Trio then Motion City Soundtrack will take you back in time very nicely. Another thing that is not lost on me with Commit This To Memory is the outstanding production by Blink-182's Mark Hoppus (Hoppus also sings on a track as well). My love for Blink (guilty pleasure?) is well-known so the fact that he is involved is just the cherry on top. What else to say? I have been spinning this album non-stop and it continues to grow on me more and more with each listen. So, don't be afraid! Turn off that uptight indie rock! Let your inhibitions go! Before you realize what hits you, you'll find yourself singing Motion City lyrics like "Let's get fucked up and die!" at the top of your lungs!

RIYL: The Get Up Kids, Smoking Popes, Alkaline Trio


Motion City Soundtrack – When "You're" Around (mp3)  

Motion City Soundtrack – Make Out Kids (mp3) 



  1. […] City Soundtrack’s last album, Commit This To Memory. In fact, you can check out my review here. The band’s new album, Even If It Kills Me, comes out in July. I hope for more of the same […]

  2. Hope you enjoy this:

    What bass players hold the torch to be the badasses of emo?

    Guitar World’s Bass Guitar narrows it down to a Lucky 13 who are making an impression on the emo scene. Did your band make the list?
    Dive into the depths of emo in this list of Lucky 13 highlighting My Chemical Romance’s Mikey Way, Panic! At The Disco’s Jon Walker and the rest of the bass blessed.

    Motion City Soundtrack
    Picking up the pieces after the demise of emoO.G.’s Sunny Day Real Estate, Matthew Taylor continues to carry the emo torch. Fellow bassist Mark Hoppis produced Commit This To Memory (Epitaph, 2006)

    My Chemical Romance:
    P-Bass in hand, Mikey Way mixes Brit-pop influences and a pop-punk feel to add backbone to all four My Chem albums, including their latest blockbuster, The Black Parade (Reprise, 2006)

    Panic At! The Disco:
    Jon Walker took the bass reins for this Las Vegas emo-vaudeville powerhouse after the departure last year of Brent Wilson; he’ll debut on the next Panic! album, due this summer.

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