Posted by: will | January 29, 2006


Slowride "C/S" (Deep Elm)

Slowride has progressed dramatically from their humble beginnings. In 2002 the band released their rather obvious Jawbreaker-influenced pop-punk debut As I Survive The Suicide Bomber. Their second album was a bit of a surprise. Building A Building was released in 2004 and saw the band deliberately moving in a more mature rock direction akin to bands like Foo Fighters and Queens Of The Stone Age. So, now we are here in 2006 and on Slowride's third album, C/S, the band continues in an even heavier garage rock direction. C/S has a much looser recording feel than Building A Building did. After listening to this album numerous times though, C/S just doesn't hit at the same level as the slicker sounding Building A Building did. There are the usual outstanding tracks like "Rust Killer" that in a perfect world would be lighting up mainstream rock radio but there is just something missing on this album. The monotone vocals of Dan Phillips and the lack of variation throughout the songs seem to sap much of the album's energy. One thing I loved about Building A Building were the numerous acoustic tracks that broke up the rock tracks. While there are a couple of acoustic tracks on C/S they come at the tail-end of the album and by that time, they just do not help enough with the tempo issues. So, while this is probably my least favorite Slowride album, I still think it is a relatively strong album with some top notch songs.

RIYL: Foo Fighters, Queens Of The Stone Age, Jawbreaker

Listen: Slowride – Morals And Dogma (mp3)


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