Posted by: will | January 24, 2006

Small Arms Dealer…

Small Arms Dealer "A Single Unifying Theory" (Deep Elm)

It sure is refreshing to see bands like Small Arms Dealer still existing in today's pretentious musical climate. These guys play melodic punk rock that brings me back in time to a much more innocent scene than the one that exists today. This is a new band that has ex-members of the amazing and underrated On The Might Of Princes. The sound is quite different then the emo hardcore of On The Might Of Princes though. Seeing that this was recorded by Latterman's Phil Douglas should give you some idea of where this band's sound is coming from. This band would fit in nicely on the No Idea or Fat Wreck Chord rosters but it's nice to see Deep Elm continuing to branch out. The band's sound is really akin to a band like Smoke Or Fire in the fact that they can make something so inherently angry as punk rock sound so damn catchy. These two bands specialize in short and sweet pissed off punk rock songs with dark lyrical themes. This is quite an impressive debut for Small Arms Dealer and have high hopes for their future endeavors. While I doubt that A Single Unifying Theory will make my best of 2006 list, it will definitely hold a spot on my playlist for a substantial amount of time.

RIYL: Smoke Or Fire, Latterman, None More Black

Listen: Small Arms Dealer – Scumbagsville, CT (mp3) 


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